BOOKS for Aspiring Memoir Writers

The steps and tips and information Carolyn shares in this definitive guide are the same ones she has developed specifically for her memoir clients and students.

Real examples from published stories will help you understand the concepts presented.

This fast, to-the-point, no-nonsense book will give you the confidence to begin writing with ease. Once you implement what you discover here, you will no longer worry about how to write effectively, and you will have a strong plan for how to structure your story.

"I was expecting a more textbook feel but was pleasantly surprised by how conversational it was! I especially enjoyed the seven-part story exercise. I learned that I do have a rudimentary structure that I can develop easily with the guidance you offered in five steps."
- Heather Monroe-Kiefer

This short, concise, no-nonsense guide makes the editing process easy.

It introduces you to a fantastically easy editing system, shows you how to use powerful word arrangements called “rhetorical devices”, and how to use the NUMBER ONE SECRET to power up your writing today!

"This book is a treasure chest–for aspiring writers–of worthy information. I wish I had read it before I published my memoir." Franklin R. Ball"Carolyn demystifies and breaks down the process of building memoir structure." - Lisa Kelley

This is not just another list-of-writing-prompts-book because Carolyn V. Hamilton has included personal stories to inspire you to be ruthlessly honest with yourself.

And she has done so honestly, openly, and with no holds barred. Just as she encourages you to do.

Carolyn V. Hamilton’s goal has been to provide you with lots of often odd and unusual things to think about when you sit down to write your memoir or to write in your daily journal.

If you are writing a memoir, these prompts can give you some ideas for something to write when you are “stuck.” And that piece may well find its way into the big picture of your story.

“We never know what will inspire a writer who’s stuck. Your book contains much more than I’ve seen anywhere, and you aren’t afraid to put potentially embarrassing things in it. My hat is off to you! “ – author Patti McMann

Writing a memoir is all about sharing emotions.

Readers want to know how events and situations
and actions made you FEEL.

Do you dread writing in your memoir about powerful EMOTIONS you’ve buried for years, maybe even decades?  

In this workbook planner you will DISCOVER A PROVEN WAY TO CONQUER WRITING ABOUT PAINFUL FEELINGS in your memoir.

With this workbook planner you will be able to get your emotions out of your heart and into
writing in 21 days.

By editing your novel or memoir as well as possible yourself, you can drastically REDUCE PROFESSIONAL EDITING COSTS.

This fast, easy editing method shows you step-by-step how to kill 24 common words and phrases that weaken your writing in fiction and memoir!

THE LANGUAGE OF BOOKS today is fast and straightforward. We live in a binge-watching-Netflix world, where we want our entertainment fast and concise. A lot of little words used in written sentences, like “just”, “then”, and even “and” DON’T REALLY HAVE TO BE THERE. Removing them speeds up the pacing for your reader, and makes YOU a stronger contemporary story-teller.

Easy to read, easy to understand, easy to apply to your writing now!